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Heated Tobacco vs E-Cigarettes: What’s different

Heated Tobacco vs E-Cigarettes: What’s different

The first time you heard of heated tobacco devices, did you perhaps think that they were the same thing as electronic cigarettes? While both products are electronic, smoke-free alternatives for legal-aged smokers, there are some key differences to be aware of when making a choice between ISMOD heated tobacco vs. e-cigarettes.


What are e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are one type of alternative to smoking. They are handheld devices that come in various sizes, with customization options. Some e-cigarettes are disposable, while others can be reused. In general, e-cigarettes heat e-liquids in order to generate an aerosol, also called a vapor. Those adults who use e-cigarettes also use the e-liquids, which come in various flavors, and may contain nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes heat and vaporize e-liquids between a wide range of temperatures – it could be anywhere from 100 degrees C to 250 degrees C. The e-liquid is drawn from the tank of the e-cigarette and put into contact with a battery powered heating component. Heating the liquid makes it evaporate, and when that happens, it can be drawn from the device through a mouthpiece. 


 Heated Tobacco vs. E-cigarettes

So, if you are an adult who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, how do you choose between ISMOD heated tobacco vs. e-cigarettes? While they are both electronic alternatives to smoking, the key differentiator between the two is this: ISMOD heats processed tobacco, while e-cigarettes vaporize an e-liquid. Because of this difference, ISMOD heated tobacco allows for the taste delivery and experience and provides cigarette-like satisfaction* that is familiar for adult smokers.

About Ismod


Ismod  is a manufacturer of tobacco heating devices like vapes and e-cigarettes. The Ismod nano and Ismod Plus II launches are state-of-the-art devices that promote healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes.

The Ismod Nano is a small and compact device, weighing only 51 grams. It is ideal for those looking for convenience and discreteness. It also comes with adjustable temperature control and an easy eject button for removing the heat sticks.

Another great product is the Ismod Plus II which comes with a dual rod system. This feature lets you share your smoking experience and keep it as a backup rod when you need it. On a full charge, the Ismod Plus II has the capacity of 28 heat sticks so that you don’t have to keep changing the heat sticks.